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Balinese language is one of the many regional languages that are still alive and well in the
country of Indonesia which is well maintained by the speakers, namely ethnic Balinese. Balinese
as a mother tongue or first language for the majority of Balinese has an important role, namely
as a symbol of pride, symbol of identity, and widely used as a communication tool in various
activities in the household and outside the household which cover various activities of the
community's social life Bali. Based on a glimpse of the background above, it is necessary to
examine the following: (1) how to build a single Balinese sentence? and (2) How to build Balinese
Compound Sentences? Related to the formulation of the problem to be discussed, the purpose of
writing is: (1) to Know the Single Sentences of Balinese Language and (2) to Know the Compound
Sentences of Balinese Language. Based on the above explanation, it can be concluded that the
results of this study are as follows: (1) Building a single sentence is an effort to develop a
sentence that relies on one pattern (clause), which consists of a subject and predicate (a sentence
consisting of only one clause). Single sentences are the simplest sentences. (2) Building compound
sentences is an attempt to develop sentences, which are carried out by combining two or more
single sentences, so that the new sentence contains two or more clauses.
Keywords: Syntax, Single Sentences, Compound Sentences

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