ISTILAH PERTUKANGAN DALAM BAHASA BALI (Perspektif Kata dan Proses Pembentukan Kata dalam Upaya Penguatan Prodi Sastra Agama dan Pendidikan Bahasa Bali)

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The terms of the Balinese language in carpentry need to be known again by the people of
Bali. It aims to make Bali Language users not extinct. By knowing the terms in this carpenthe
Balinese language at least contribute in preserving and mengajegkan Balinese language itself.
To understand every term that is in carpentry activities it is necessary to study the morphology
system, in order to know the meaning and purpose of the word. For that in this paper there are
some issues that need to be studied namely: (1) What are the basic Balinese word form in carpentry
terms? and (2) How is the system of word formation (morphology) of Balinese in terms of
carpentry? The theory used in this study is the structural theory of language that emphasizes on
the level of form (signifiant) and meaning (signify). There are pu methods in the discovery of
data used literature study done by listening to the terms of carpentry in the sources of literature
related to the term in the carpentry language of Bali. Based on the study in this paper, found
some kind of vocabulary of the term carpentry. In addition to the vocabulary in basic form, also
found some vocabulary of the term carpentry that experienced the process of formation of new
words through morphological process through affixation, pluralism, and re-word.

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