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Stylistics is the science of using language in literary works. Use of language styles
specifically in literature. The language style that arises when the author expresses his idea. This
style of language is an art effect and is influenced by conscience. Through this style of language
a poet expresses his idea. Disclosure of ideas created through beauty in the author's language
style. In Geguritan Salampahlaku The work of Ida Made Sidemen Geguritan Salampah Laku is
a composition of Bali Purwa poetry whose choice of words has been precisely and carefully
determined by the poet (Ida Pedanda Made Sidemen), so that both the title and lyrics in the
verses are heard as a unified whole and attracts the audience to explore deeper into the contents
of the geguritan. This Geguritan tells the life journey of an Ida Pedanda Made Sidemen. Through
the stories arranged array where the poet appears to create cohesive meaning from the beginning
to the end through concrete words. The concrete arrangement as a whole tells how Ida Pedanda
Made Sidemen's life journey is full of simplicity. Geguritan Salampah Laku is also a literary
work that is very rich in plastic language (Figurative Language) where the figure of an Ida
Pedanda Made Sidemen who is very humble, can be seen in the use of majas-majas litotes which
always declares his deficiencies and does not want to glorify himself. Poets are also very concerned
about the pattern of taxation that was built by the pupuh-upuh which is certainly bound by the
rules of padalingsa, the teacher of wilang, and the master teacher. The tone conveyed is a
philosophical tone that appears from the poets' life philosophies as outlined in the literary work.
In Geguritan Salampah Laku the Poet implies a moral message as an opening, that is, in this
life, don't ever glorify yourself or boast.
Keywords: Geguritan Salampah Laku, Stylistics

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