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Balinese language has really rich lexicon / vocabularies packaged in a frame of both
traditional culture and religion. One of the cultural activities which is interesting to be studied
from linguistic point of view is tabuh rah or tajen (traditional cockfighting) which own unique
vocabularies with its specific characteristics that cannot be understood by societies. The terms
used in this tradition are property of Balinese language that need to be comprehended both from
its own root word and the words that have undergone morphological process. Morphological
process basically is a word formation process from its root word and the addition of affixation,
repetition and reduplication, and pluralisation (Ramlan, 1983:5). Research method used in this
study is descriptive qualitative by using interview technique to obtain the data about the
vocabularies in this tradition from the informants. This research was also supported by another
technique such as note-taking to ease the research process, particulaly to remember the obtained
data, and recording technique to record the result of interview from the informants
Keywords: Morphology, Terms, Tajen

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