Membangun Scientific Literacy Menuju Era Society 5.0

Ni Nyoman Lisna Handayani, Ni Ketut Erna Muliastrini


The purpose of writing this article is to understand the importance and habituation ofscientific literacy for prospective educators in border areas to face the era of society 5.0. The era of society 5.0 is a period where science and technology are used and utilized to facilitate people's lives, including the Indonesian-Malaysian border community in North Kalimantan. The potential of the border area can be a source of learning and a source of life for the community. Teachers as educators have a role in realizing the next generation of the nation and society who are literate in science and technology to face the era of society 5.0. Therefore, the learning experience of prospective educators also needs to be prepared. Project-based contextual learning is one of the efforts to prepare prospective educators for the era of society 5.0. The learning provided directs prospective student educators to understand the potential and environment of society to gain learning experiences related to science and technology in order to better understand the needs of society and be able to innovate to help solve social problems in border areas as an effort to prepare a generation of educators in the era of society 5.0.

Keywords: Industrial Revolution, Society5.0, Scientific Literacy

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