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Social problems in every society have a significant level of cultural diversity and
interactionism patterns with one another that are very different. This deflation involves the level
of cultural development and the condition of its natural environment. These problems can be
manifested in moral issues, political problems, religious problems and other problems. Humanities
education is an educational material that reflects human integrity and helps people to become
more humane, which is to help humans to actualize existing potentials, so that eventually a
complete human being is formed, which has emotional maturity, moral maturity and spiritual
maturity. Various kinds of cases of violence that occur in social life, anarchist actions and
violations of human values have even become everyday. The indicator is that education has not
played a significant role in the process of building a national personality with a social and
humanitarian spirit. Apparently, humans must be more “humanized†again. The protracted
nation’s decline is also related to educational failures in the past which resulted in a
dehumanization process. The educational process that emphasizes the development of personality
includes a broader process, namely improving thought processes, feeling, and acting. With the
hope of students being able to practice the values of life which include the values of truth
(verum), beauty (pulcrum) and kindness (bonum).

Keywords: Educational Problems, Social Humanities

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