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This study aims: 1) to socialize the development of local culture-based tourist village
as a solution to develop local wisdom of Bali area, and 2) to socialize the development of local
culture-based tourist village by highlighting the local area that can provide convenience for the
related areas and directly impact the development and preservation of Balinese culture. The
method used in the writing of this idea is the method of literature review with descriptive analysis.
This is done by examining the various literature (sources of libraries and internet) associated
with the proposed idea. Opportunities for implementation of this idea is the existence of the
government’s support capacity to socialize it to the community and provide assistance facilities
and infrastructure and the active role of the community who independently manage the region
based on local wisdom of their respective regions. Currently the tourism sector provides a
substantial income for development in Indonesia. The contribution of tourism from year to year
is increasing. Bali is one of the areas in Indonesia that has such potential. Physically Bali is
famous for the beauty of the dominant region is still beautiful and still thick wrapped by a very
unique culture. Bali is famous for its cultural beauty. Balinese culture is not only limited to
certain aspects but rather complex and includes various human activities. The result of research
that is 1) the existence of tourist villages in Bali will bring back the values of local wisdom in
one area that may have previously been ignored and 2) people can recognize the local culture
they have and have the ability to develop local village wisdom based on the potential that exists
in their respective regions - each.

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