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The State of Indonesia is a country that has a diversity of religions and beliefs, tribes,
numbers and distribution of the number and distribution of the island, the language so that the
country of Indonesia is referred to as a multicultural country. Bali as one of the areas that exist
in Indonesia in particular has a diversity of cultural segmentation both in terms of religion,
dresta, lifestyle that is almost different in each region. The diversity makes them have a thick
multicultural character that includes the beliefs, ideas, worldviews, policies, attitudes and actions
of a pluralistic society in terms of ethnicity, culture, religion etc., but has the aspiration to
develop the same spirit of kinship and has the pride to defend the plurality. segmentation culture
that emerged in the community demands a level of gap that leads to social problems.
Multiculturalism in this Balinese society provides a new perspective in examining a variety of
social and different life patterns in every region in Bali, through multicultural studies make the
Balinese society civilized in a social system intact to build a harmonious, peaceful, safe, tolerant,
mutual life respect, cooperate and cooperate in the framework of unity and unity of the whole

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