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Fundamental changes in education, among others, related to management problems,
which was originally centralized now directed to become decentralization. This effort is done by
the government no other aim to break the quality of education Indonesia has always been troubled,
so the quality of education in Indonesia is still relatively low. Implementing decentralized national
education throughout Indonesia seems to be experiencing difficulties, because there are a number
of problems and obstacles that need to be addressed.
Decentralization of education is essentially an acknowledgment that the educational process
will not work well if everything is controlled from the center. Education is a process whereby it
involves the interaction between inputs and the environment. Decentralization means that
educational control holders at the grassroots level will play a larger role. This situation will
encourage creativity and improvisation in carrying out education. So there will be a continuous
effort to improve the quality of education. National education needs to be organized by building
a common commitment, especially the government involving the community and the family to
participate in the role of decentralization of national education.

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