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One of the sociocultural societies of Indonesia that can be lifted as a character education
is the oral literature that is spread in various regions in this archipelago. Oral literature is an
oral text as part of folklore which is a local wealth of genius that needs to be dug and empowered
as much as possible for the benefit of character education in order to improve Indonesian human
resources that are more qualified, resilient, unyielding, tenacious, diligent, honest, hard work,
eroik, religious, ethical, able to cooperate, statesman, obey the law, willing to sacrifice, serve,
and other characters. There is also the formulation of the problem studied in this paper is how
the form of character education in oral literature in Bali?. The theories used in assessing
character education in oral literature Bali are: value theory, structuralism, and semiotics. Likewise
the methods used in this study include data discovery methods and data analysis methods. In the
discovery of the data used the method of listening on previous studies as a documentation of
oral literature in Bali, while in the data analysis used descriptive qualitative analysis method,
which continues with the presentation of data with a combination of techniques of inductive and
deductive techniques. Based on the description of the eighteen character education values:
religious, honest, tolerant, disciplined, hard work, creative, independent, democratic, curiosity,
spirit of nationalism, love of the homeland, respect for achievement, friendship / communicative,
love to read, care about the environment, social care, and responsibility; in the study of character
education in oral literature in Bali found fifteen values of character education are: religious
values, honest, tolerance, discipline, hard work, creative, independent, the spirit of nationality,
love the homeland, friendly / communicative, love peace, , environmental care, social care, and

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