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The word absorption in the Balinese language is a word that comes from outside the
Balinese language, used in language life, both oral and written taken into Balinese vocabulary.
The foreign language in Bali means Indonesian, other regional languages, and foreign languages.
In absorbing this vocabulary, it is done by adjusting the pronunciation, form and structure of the
Balinese language. The absorption of the language has lasted until now, in accordance with the
needs and development of culture. One language that is quite large has a role in the development
of the Balinese language is Sanskrit. The Sanskrit vocabulary has become pervasive and has
become the treasury of the Balinese language.Based on a glimpse of the background in the
foregoing, there are several formulation of the problems to be discussed in this paper, namely:
(1) How is the process of absorbing Sanskrit into Balinese, (2) How do Balinese Vocabulary
obtained from Sanskrit and (3) How changes took place from Sanskrit into Balinese. Based on
the study carried out in this paper, there are several conclusions as a result of the studies obtained,
namely: (1) Balinese absorbs Sanskrit through Malay and Javanese, generally obtained from
the word similarity category. (2) The absorption of the Sanskrit vocabulary of Balinese as one of
the regional languages in Indonesia has undergone many changes. Categorization for this is a
word originating from the Malay language which takes Sanskrit in the form of vocabulary used
in naming and the terms and words that are of a direct original from Sanskrit and even get
additional elements from Kawi or Javanese. (3) The process of entering the Sanskrit vocabulary
into the Balinese language has changed more functions as terms, designations, and names.

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