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Language has a connection with culture. Language as a social activity is part of culture.
Language is a legacy of society and part of a very important community tradition, function,
position and benefits. Until now there has not been found a society that is however simple its
culture without having a language. Language is a cultural tool that is also an integral element
of culture. In this paper three issues will be discussed, namely: (1) how is the description of
Balinese language in general?, (2) how is the nature and elements of Balinese culture ?, and (3)
how is the relationship between Balinese and Balinese culture? Based on the discussion conducted,
it can be confirmed that the conclusions of this paper are as follows: (1) language is a free
symbolic vocal system that is used by community members to communicate; (2) language is the
best tool for communication; (3) language has a close connection with culture; (4) language as
a social activity is part of culture; (5) the culture of a society has a part (subsystem) which
includes the language subsystem; (6) Balinese language which is part of Balinese culture as
well as the center of culture; (7) Balinese language is a legacy of the community and part of the
Balinese tradition which is very important function, position, and benefits.

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