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This article deals with a literature review of internalizing Education of Sustainable
Development (ESD) in Indonesia. The important point about ESD relates to the issue of how
educational institutions, includes Indonesia should respond to the challenges and opportunities
posed by the idea of sustainability. ESD aims at developing competencies that empower individuals
to reflect on their own actions, taking into account their current and future social, economic and
environmental impacts, from a local and a global perspective. ESD has to be understood as an
integral part of quality education, inherent in the concept of lifelong learning: All educational
institutions – from preschool to tertiary education and in non-formal and informal education –
can and should consider it their responsibility to deal intensively with matters of sustainable
development and to foster the development of sustainability competencies. ESD is holistic and
transformational education that addresses learning content and outcomes, pedagogy and the
learning environment. Thus, ESD does not only integrate contents such as climate change, poverty
and sustainable consumption into the curriculum; it also creates interactive, learner-centred
teaching and learning settings.

Keywords: Education of Sustainable Development, Environment Education, Sustainability

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