The village of Pakraman from the start of its formation has shown its role in society.
The village of Pakraman as the backbone remains the establishment of Indigenous, Cultural
and Hindu Religion in Bali in particular. Broadly speaking the role of Desa Pakraman can be
grouped as the backbone of unity and the unity of the village community, especially in the field;1).
The role of Desa Pakraman in the religious social field. As the implementation of Tri Hita
Karana in the field of Parhyangan, namely maintaining good relationship between kerama with
God through in the field of upakara and religious ceremony always be borne together. Like the
implementation of Piodalan day at Pura, the implementation of religious festivals is always
shared by Pakraman village. The role of the village of Pakraman in the religious social field, as
a public servant in the implementation of Panca Yadnya done by the community, always supported
by the Village Pakraman, especially Marriage Ceremony, Pengabenan, Ceremony mettah and
so forth 2. The role of Desa Pakraman in the social field. As the implementation of Tri Hita
Karana in the field of socio-culture, more about society and environment. The role of community
is to organize a harmonious relationship between villagers. The role of Desa Pakraman seen
from the social community is very visible from the philosophy of life as stipulated in the collective
agreement as well as daily rules such as "Segilik a cell selunglung sebayan taka sarpa naya"
This means that the social functions implemented by the village Pakraman, like and sorrow
shouldered together. Pernan Desa Pakraman also appears in guarding the development and
development of Adat and Culture that is imbued by Hinduism 3. The role of Desa Pakraman in
the field of environment. While the environment regulates a sustainable living environment with
community life.

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