When associated with the language system, the knowledge of the Balinese culinary term
is a vocabulary of Balinese traditional cuisine. The terms and vocabulary in the culinary field of
Bali are very diverse. Seen from the structure of the language and the structure of word formation,
many still do not understand the origin of the formation of these terms because each word and
terms have a language structure. In this study the theory used is structural theory, which was
originally used by Ferdinand de Saussure in his book de Linguistique Generale. In the study
also use the method of observation and refer to literature review (in the discovery of data), while
in the exposure used qualitative method with a combination of inductive and deductive techniques.
Based on research and discussion, it can be concluded that the terms of culinary Bali is very
diverse and many types. In addition, based on the data of culinary terms Bali, found the Balinese
language vocabulary Bali culinary terms that are formed through the affixation process, both
prefix, infix, suffix, and confix. Thus, it can be said that the term culinary Bali through the
affixation process found in many prefixes, suffixes, and confiks, whereas in the infix did not find
any culinary terms Bali.

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